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What a few students have said...

I’ve learned from you more than I have from any other individual instructor, I’m sure. Rusty is here to see you through it, he honestly cares whether we get better or not, and I think he comes across that way immediately…..I can’t think of another reason why he wouldn’t be into this, if he weren’t trying to do this for other people, helping them grow, building a better community, and honestly I think that comes across without me even having to say it. Yeah, that’s how I felt from day one, you know…

[your feedback] in terms of animation definitely opened my animation eye. I'm more clued in to looking for things. Searching for what is the ideal spacing? What is the best arc? Or can we find a new arc in this motion? Or whats the next possible push that we can make for this animation? Even just in the planning stage and such It definitely opened my animation eye.

Animators always want professionals to give you feedback. My friend is a programmer, he doesn't understand, why I always need to pay for a class, I can't just practice at home, close the door, close the window and start. ​ If you're not an animator you don't understand. You need someone professional. I like your style, and your feedback really make me think that you really care about each student. I was a mentor for a Chinese online animation school for a little while so I understand it's not easy. Your notes were really good, you really spent time.

Your feedback was super helpful. I can literally sit down now and get results, it made me better. A lot of times you pointed things out that were nagging in the back of my head and then you addressed it, so I knew I had to work on it.